Flower Foundation’s concept was born in 1963 when three extraordinary individuals by the names of Moray Franz, Florrie Richter and Dr Archie Borowitz came together to use their foresight and ingenuity to change the lives of the aged around them. The premise was a simple one that has been in practice in Sweden over time, where people were encouraged to give money towards the elderly in memory of a loved one, instead of giving flowers when they passed away. These monies would be used to provide homes and care to the elderly who were in much need at the time.


Our approach to aged care is based on respect for the individual taking into consideration our culture and heritage. It inspires us to maintain our beautiful spaces with functional amenities at each village; to employ the best available experienced nursing staff, to support any ailing resident with the additional professional care they may require. We place the best interest of our residents at the heart of what we do and we promote the empowerment of the aged through continued home ownership that our purchase model provides, we also aim to provide the best security as far as is practical during the tenure of the contract. Our villages allow independent living and we promote active, healthy lifestyles to ensure we extend the years of purposeful living of our residents

Retirement homes
Retirement homes


In the senior environment every little bit helps and every small deed has a great impact. We always welcome any generosity you could spare through your time or financial assistance at our villages. We are eternally grateful to the people who have dedicated so much to us and continue to do so, we would like to specially thank Mrs Pat Comins from Bedfordview who not only served the Kensington area residents for over 40 years but was also a major benefactor of Flower Foundation. The dedication of Mrs Comins and others like her has helped us extend our reach and deliver a respectable and secure life to the aged in our villages.


  • The Constitution says that every South African has the right to dignity and the right to have that dignity respected and protected. The Older Persons Act therefore aims to alleviate the plight of older citizens in South Africa by setting up a framework for their empowerment and protection. The Act promotes and maintains the rights, status, wellbeing, and safety and security of older persons.
    The Act aims to do five things:

    1. to maintain and promote the status, wellbeing, safety and security of older persons,
    2. to maintain and protect the rights of older persons,
    3. to help older persons to stay in their homes in the community for as long as possible,
    4. to regulate services and residential facilities for older persons, and
    5. to combat abuse of older persons.
    Who Does this Act Affect?

    • All older persons living in South Africa, and
    • All officials, employees and representatives of the State.

    The State is expected to take reasonable measures to achieve the aims of this Act. All decisions, proceeding actions or decisions that affect older persons must promote their rights and treat the person fairly. Older persons must be protected from unfair discrimination of any kind. Confrontational approaches and delays in action must be avoided in any matter concerning an older person.


As a Non-Profit Organisation we do not receive financial assistance from public funds towards the expenses and operational costs of the Flower Foundation Villages. We manage our financial needs on a self-supporting basis whereby each unit meets its expenditure out of its own current income derived from levies attached to each unit. To bolster our capital provision we rely greatly on the generosity of the public through donations and bequests. We are grateful to our patrons who provide continued financial support which help us to uphold the dignity and standard of living of our residents.


  • 1


    • Donate an amount of your choice to Flower Foundation’s Fund or Trust.
  • 2


    • Bequeath a portion of your estate to Flower Foundation in your will.


  • 3


    • Request that donations in lieu of flowers be made to Flower Foundation.
  • 4


    • Live up to the inspiration set by Flower Foundation’s Founders and become a volunteer worker