Pioneer House Care Centre
24-hr Care Single en-suite room was R22 265 pm – now R19 500pm all inclusive

Maxhaven Village
79 m2 2 bedroom 1 bath was R1 135 00 – now R935 000
58m2 2 bedroom 1 bath was R1 065 000 – now R865 000

Silver Stream Village
99 m2 2 bedroom 1 bath was R1 405 000 – now R1 200 000
99 m2 2 bedroom 1 bath with study was R1 405 000 – now R1 200 000
Willowlodge 24-hr Care was R24 612pm – now R19 000

Witpoortjie Village
71 m2 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage was R720 000 – now R620 000
Rental – small 1 bedroom cottage 35m2 R3 500 pm (R5 000 deposit) excl. electricity

Kensington Gardens
25m2 Upstairs flat R3500 rental (R5000 deposit) excl. electricity
25m2 Downstairs flat R3800 rental (R5000 deposit) excl. electricity


Flower Foundation’s concept was born in 1963 when three extraordinary individuals by the names of Moray Franz, Florrie Richter and Dr Archie Borowitz came together to use their foresight and ingenuity to change the lives of the aged around them. The premise was a simple one that has been in practice in Sweden over time, where people were encouraged to give money towards the elderly in memory of a loved one, instead of giving flowers when they passed away. These monies would be used to provide homes and care to the elderly who were in much need at the time.


Welcome to a way of life that not only makes excellent financial sense but will provide you or your loved ones with safe and secure accommodation to be enjoyed for life. Naturally, when you are considering your next step in life, you want to be sure that you are making a sound long-term financial decision and have certainty around entering into a life-long partnership with an organisation who has a solid track record in retirement living.


Flower Foundation has been a trusted champion of senior living for over 50 years and exists to provide residents with a meaningful and independent life, filled with all the activities, friendship and community enjoyed throughout their lives. This is provided alongside professional healthcare and well maintained villages suited to the care and social needs of the residents. A time may come when extra care is needed and Flower Foundation can provide that too, giving you peace of mind for the long term.

Flower Foundation
Flower Foundation


Experience an independent lifestyle in beautiful and secure surroundings, where your external property and gardens are maintained for you, giving you the freedom to enjoy yourself and do what you love. With an option of nine (9) villages spread across Johannesburg, you can find your best match in the unique features on offer at each village, coupled with the ideal location and easy access to amenities that best suit you and your family.



Flower Foundation has nine(9) villages spread across Johannesburg each with its own unique features and leisure and lifestyle options to choose from. A few of our villages are co-located with specialised care facilities which can provide assistance to residents who may need extra support. Services vary across our villages, they range from cleaning, gardening, laundry and meals, these are aimed at providing you convenience in your retirement years and provide you with time to enjoy doing what you love.

Flower Foundation


We provide Life-long solutions to our residents which support their needs at every stage of life, including those who require long-term care or specialised Dementia Care. Care Centres are suited to residents who require extra support or 24-hour care as their needs have changed and they are no longer able to live independently. Living in Care, our residents will have our trusted staff to oversee their daily requirements.


For the time you or your loved one will need a little extra support or a helping hand, we’ll be more than happy to provide the supportive care you need. Assisted Living or Mid Care is when assistance is required with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, medicine administration, meals, laundry and domestic services.



For the time you or your loved one will need constant support with dedicated helping hands, we’ll be more than happy to provide the extra care needed. Frail Care offers the benefit of 24-hour supervised care to residents who are no longer able to care for themselves. We accommodate residents in cosy rooms which are either private or shared.



Our select care centre – Waverley Gardens Memory Care – is set up to care for your loved ones living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We provide 24-hour supervision and accommodate resident in either private or shared rooms. The residents are overseen by our trusted, professional staff who are trained to manage their condition and provide the best comfort and care.


Flower Foundation
Flower Foundation


We offer a world leading model called Life Right or Tenancy Right. This means you need to be 55 years or older in order to benefit but there are more positive aspects to consider

  • Affordable accommodation (No transfer duty, VAT, agents commission, registration or legal fees)
  • Physical and financial security over the lifetime of you and your spouse’s residency.
  • Structural insurance covered by Flower Foundation.
  • The Life Right/Tenancy Right agreement will become an asset in your estate
  • Financial security when moving into Care.


Flower Foundation remains the sole owner of the property; therefore the on-going responsibility of management, maintenance and upkeep of the village and exterior of the units remains the responsibility of Flower Foundation. A monthly levy is applicable to each unit and the levy is based on the services provided at the selected village or Care Centre. The levies are updated annually and any price alternations will be put into effect on the 1st of April per annum. Please review the levy price range listed on the respective village pages.

Flower Foundation
Flower Foundation


The leisure and lifestyle options available at Flower Foundation Villages are based on the interests and hobbies of those living there. Programs are available at various times of the month, however, residents can decide which activities they choose to participate in, whether it’s joining one of the hobby groups, going on outings to movies, joining an art class or enjoying the daily exercise walks.


Flower Foundation is one of those rare organisations where staff walk the talk, from those who work in offices to those who work at bedsides. The talk is about caring, and the walk is about doing the caring. I cannot recommend highly enough, the people of the Flower Foundation and in particular the staff at Willowbrook Retirement Village. My father lived at Willowbrook for three years, where he was very happy, safe and extremely well cared for. I live overseas and Willowbrook was the home from home I was sadly unable to provide living so far away. 

Felicity Steadman Daughter of resident
Flower Foundation