Wednesday, 8th March 2023
10am by appointment

For more info contact 011 781 4920

The welcoming Witpoortjie Village is located in Roodepoort in the West Rand. The village offers a variety of functional accommodation from flats, cottages and apartments. The spacious outdoor area and colourful garden provides a lovely setting to be enjoyed all year round.

If you need a break from cooking, arrange to have lunch at the dining room and enjoy the company of the staff and residents. Some activities that you will have the opportunity to get involved with include spiritual programs, games, external day trips to the local stores and social activities to enjoy with the community and friends. The village is co-located with another Flower Foundation village called Zonneveld Village and the residents will interact and engage with the shared facilities.

Live among social activists who use their skills to uplift people in need such as the knitting team who contributed to knitting the largest hand knitted blanket which covered four rugby fields in the forms of the South African flag with spectacular results. Not only is South Africa now the holder of this Guiness World Record title but the blanket eventually aided 300 charities who each received a share of the 8774 blankets. The village hobby clubs are active in the community and are hands on when they identify a cause to rally behind. This offers a great way to volunteer your skills and time to benefit the greater community.

The village is close to a number of local attractions such as the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Kloofendal Nature Reserve and Krugersdorp Game reserve. The area also boasts a number of retirement villages due to the scenic and tranquil surrounding so you will have the opportunity to have a wider group of friends.

  • Bachelor flats
  • 1 Bedrooms flats
  • Cottages
Flower Foundation remains the sole owner of the property; therefore the on-going responsibility of management, maintenance and upkeep of the village and exterior of the units remains the responsibility of Flower Foundation. A monthly levy is applicable to each unit and the levy is based on the services provided at the selected village or Care Centre. The levies are updated annually and any price alternations will be put into effect on the 1st of April of each year. Please review the levy price range listed on the respective village pages.

Tenancy Rights prices:

  • 1 bedroom cottages from R555 000
  • 2 bedroom cottages from R680 000
  • Bachelor apartments from R430 00
  • 1 bed flats from R305 000 to R315 000
  • Note: Purchases are subject to an additional non-refundable administration charge of R17 000 on signing an agreement.
  •  Chapel
  •  Diningroom
  • communal garden service included in levy
  • Hairdresser and library
  • Podiatrist and Doctor visit regularly
  • Weekly wellness clinic
  • Shuttle service to various shopping centres twice a week.
  • 24hr security
  • Laundry facility
  • garages for most cottages
  • Panic button
  • Garages for most cottages
  • 1 bedroom cottages from R2 960
  • 2  bedroom cottages from R3 531
  • Bachelor apartments from R3 245
  • Levies include: Water, Rates, Panic button, External building maintenance, Building insurance, General garden maintenance, Some Cleaning Service to apartments and Flats, Shuttle service to shops twice a week.

Residents who require Assisted Living or Frail Care will be accommodated at our on-site Clivia Care Centre  or an alternate village within Flower Foundation that offers Care

  • Bingo afternoons
  • Movies
  • Snooker bowls
  • Resident social outings and events
  • Free flow dancing
  • Church services

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