Experience an independent lifestyle in beautiful and secure environments, where your external property and gardens are maintained for you, giving you the freedom to enjoy yourself and do what you love. With an option of nine (9) villages spread across Johannesburg to choose from, you can find your best match in the unique features on offer at each village, coupled with the ideal location and easy access to amenities that best suit you and your family.

Enjoy living amongst a community in harmony, where you are totally free to join in the activities and facilities available to you, or simply enjoy your home and your independence with a Flower Foundation home.


Elm Park Village

Silver Stream Village

Silver Stream Chalets

Willowbrook Village

Kensington Gardens

Zonneveld Village

Witpoortjie Village


“My wife and I heard about a Flower Foundation vacancy in the Orchid Place village in December 2018 and were fortunate to secure this so that we were finally able to move in in May 2019. In the process, the house involved was completely gutted and on moving in we were able to enjoy a brand new and much improved kitchen in tandem with new carpets, ceilings and cornices, retiled bathrooms and fittings along with completely rewired lighting and electrics and all finished in the paint colours of our choice.

The positive experience involved was made that much more enjoyable for us because of the consistent and friendly assistance we were given, day in day out, by Flower Foundation’s management team in completing all paperwork and then working with and getting the best out of the contractors provided to us in completing everything to our satisfaction. Improving things even more was the support systems we are now able to take advantage of as offered to us as new residents by Flower Foundation and the sensibly priced levies we must now pay. Perhaps above all we have been impressed by the very real welcome given to us by Flower Foundation in general and, more specifically, by the friendship and welcome we have received from all the other residents already living here.

We are very happy with the choice we made therefore.”

Flower Foundation remains the sole owner of the property; therefore the on-going responsibility of management, maintenance and upkeep of the village and exterior of the units remains the responsibility of Flower Foundation. A monthly levy is applicable to each unit and the levy is based on the services provided at the selected village or Care Centre. The levies are updated annually and any price alternations will be put into effect on the 1st of April of each year. Please review the levy price range listed on the respective village pages.